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Professional advice on all foot care aspects

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Routine Appointments

All basic foot care from hard skin to corn removal. Professional advice on all foot care aspects.


Some back, hip, knee and foot pain may arise from poor foot function. If this foot function can be corrected or partially corrected by the use of orthosis (functional shoe inserts) improvement in these conditions may be achieved.

Podiatric Acupuncture

Can alleviate foot and joint pain in some arthritic conditions, neuromas and plantar fasciitis with some patients achieving an immediate response to treatment. It is suggested, however, to obtain maximum results that a minimum course of four treatments be undertaken by the patient.


Verrucae are common viral infections which cause abnormal tissue growth and sometimes can be painful. These stubborn verrucae can usually be totally eliminated by freezing the affected area sometimes by just one procedure.


Electrosurgery utilises an electrical current and may be used to remove persistent lesions such as longstanding painful corns and verrucae. Electrosurgery is an option generally used when these type of lesions have been unresponsive to other conservative treatments.

This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic so there is no pain. You are advised to rest the foot for a day or so and usually completely heals in two to eight weeks depending on size, site etc.

Minor Surgery

Acute, chronic, painful nails may be permanently alleviated by the removal of a section or the complete nail under local anaesthetic eliminating the nail bed to prevent re-growth.

Posture Control Insoles

Posture Control Insoles® correct your feet, posture and body alignment naturally without bulky devices that push your feet out of your shoes. A small wedge shape underneath your first metatarsal and big toe stimulates the same neuromuscular systems used to maintain your balance to restore natural, balanced and stable foot motion. Your body's centre of gravity shifts back to eliminate a damaging forward leaning posture. Result: Less muscle and joint stress = less aches and pains.

Topical Fungal Nail Treatment

Topical treatment for nails affected by fungal nail infection or psoriasis.
Improves the appearance of discoloured and deformed nails. It has a physical keratolytic effect and degrades the cells of fungi that typically cause fungal nail infection. Increasing hydration, gently smoothens the outer layers of the nail plate and, by changing the nail’s microenvironment and improving nail surface integrity, keeps nails in good condition.

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